Much has been written and debated about the life and times of Phil Parkinson whilst at Bradford City. 


At one end of the scale there are fans who felt badly let down by his surprise decision to leave, which was further compounded with the exit of all the backroom staff resulting in a feeling of betrayal. Something akin to your wife driving off in the car you bought her to then go live with a less handsome man with no prospects!


Conversely there are fans like myself that feel PP deserves much credit for his achievements and for taking the club forward year on year. He will inevitably be remembered for our cup exploits and I thank him for those memories which will be etched in the club’s history forever more. 


There was always a close bond between Phil Parkinson and the fans as he fully understood the ethos and fabric of Bradford City, particularly with regards to the fire. That was one of his strengths as a manager. 


Saturday is an opportunity for us to rise above the vitriol and show respect and appreciation for not only PP, but also Steve Parkin and Lee Butler, who were key to our success. 


As with all break ups there comes a time when calm is restored and a new and exciting chapter opens. This has most certainly has followed with the return of the prodigal son in Stuart McCall. 


Some questioned his appointment, but not me and I’m delighted to say that he has transformed the team in to a more fluent and attractive style showing there is life after PP. 


With 4300 fans at Bolton it will be some atmosphere and whilst it is up to each individual on how they react to seeing Phil Parkinson for the first time since his exit.  I hope most will show their appreciation with appropriate applause as he walks down the pitchside before kick off. 


That done, once the whistle blows it’s all about fully supporting Stuart McCall and the lads and bringing home 3 precious points. 


Bantam Pete